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Duplicate assignments auto generator for each claim units in PCI



Multiple (Duplicate) assignments are getting generated for each claim units for Personal Auto in Pega Claims for Insurance (PCI) framework.

After creating and opening and claim file, one can see on overview tab that two assignments for each "Make 24 hour Contact" and "Claim Unit 90 Day Review with Manager" are auto generated.

Error Messages

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Steps to Reproduce

1. Log into the application.
2. Launch Case Manager Portal.
3. Select any Cause of Loss and enter 1 as "How many vehicles were involved?".
4. Enter address details in Loss Location Details and click next.
5. Click next on Emergency Service Details.
6. Select a vehicle in "Which vehicle was involved?" and Select Yes in "Was this vehicle damaged?" field. Then click next.
7. Click next in vehicle damage details screen.
8. Click next in enter driver info screen.
9. Click next in enter Passenger Info screen.
10. Select No in "Was there any property damage?" field and click next.
11. Select No in "Were there any witnesses?" field and click next.
12. Click on submit in Accept Loss Information Screen.
13. Open the Claim File created.
14. Click on Overview tab.
15. Expand "Collision, Insured Vehicle...(CU-COL-id)", where Id is some integer value
16. Observe Duplicate assignments created named "Make 24 hour Contact" and " Claim Unit 90 Day Review with Manager" (Duplicates for both of these).


Root Cause

The issue is that subcases for which Automatic Instantiation was enabled are getting created manually by an activity and also when claim unit case was instantiated. Hence there were 2 cases created for “Make 24 hour contact” and “Ninety day manager review” sub cases.

This is because in earlier PRPC version of PCI 7.12, the automatic instantiation was not working and hence manual instantiation was done using an activity. But the issue with automatic instantiation was resolved in Pega 7.2, so manual instantiation through an activity is not required now.



Apply HFix-29694.


Published December 20, 2016 - Updated December 27, 2016

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