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Embedded Page Flows Flow Action Errors



A case type has case wide local actions defined on it and these flow actions have the When rules defined on their Security tab. When a subflow defined on an embedded page of the work object processes, error occurs.
The When rules are defined at the work level; however when the system generates the list of available flow actions, it runs those When rules for the context of the  embedded page.

Error Messages

Failed to find a 'RULE-OBJ-WHEN' with the name '<WHEN_RULE_NAME>' that applies to '<APPLIES_TO_CLASS>'. There were <NUMBER_OF_OCCURRENCES> rules with this name in the rulebase, but none matched this request. The <NUMBER_OF_OCCURRENCES> rules named '<WHEN_RULE_NAME>' defined in the rulebase are: <NUMBER_OF_OCCURRENCES> unrelated to applies-to class '<APPLIES_TO_CLASS>', for example: {<CLASS_NAMES>}.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Define case wide local actions.
  2. Ensure the flow actions defined have a When rule defined on the Security tab.
  3. Define a flow that runs on an embedded page.

Root Cause

When the Flow first-use assembly (FUA) is triggered for the flow in the Embedded page context and the case reaches the first assignment of this flow, it populates the case wide, stage wide, and assignment level local actions by calling Java Rule Utility Function (RUF) - populateFlowActions (from the -performB2BAssignmentCheck activity).
The Interest page for case wide local actions is pyWorkPage. However, the Interest page for the pre-conditions (which are configured on the Security tab) is the Embedded page, which causes the problem.


An enhancement request, FDBK-24918, is created for consideration by Pega Product Management.


Published February 20, 2018 — Updated February 12, 2019

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