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Enterprise health not displaying in Manager portal



User is on Pega 7.2.2 with Autonomic Event Services (AES) 7.2 with Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

User is unable to view enterprise health in Manager portal.

Error Messages Execution of user code in the .NET Framework is disabled. Enable "clr enabled" configuration option.

Steps to Reproduce

Click Enterprise tab to check node health.

Root Cause

A defect in Pegasystems’ code or rules.

There is an issue with the case sensitivity while using MS SQL server.

While forming the query, Pega Engine is checking for the column 'DATABASESTATE' in PEGAAM_INDICATOR table and if the column is not present, a user function is used to check the BLOB for the column.

However, at the user end, the DATABASESTATE column is present in the table but the column name is in lower case. Due to this, the column was not found by the engine and engine generated a user function to get the state from the BLOB.

Below is the query generated in MS SQL server (the query is different for Oracle DB):

SELECT "PC0"."ClusterName" AS "ClusterName" , "PC0"."requestors" AS "requestors" , "PC0"."agents" AS "agents" , "PC0"."memory" AS "memory" , "PC0"."pulse" AS "pulse" , "PC0"."processCPUUsage" AS "processCPUUsage" , dbo.pr_read_from_stream('.database', "PC0".pzInsKey, "PC0".pzPVStream) AS "database" , "PC0"."cache" AS "cache" , "PC0"."httpResponse" AS "httpResponse" , "PC0"."urgentEvents" AS "urgentEvents" , "PC0"."nodeID" AS "nodeID" , "PC0"."serverStatus" AS "serverStatus" , "PC0"."nodeDesc" AS "nodeDesc" , "PC0"."sqlStateDesc" AS "sqlStateDesc" , "PC0"."requestorsLCDate" AS "requestorsLCDate" , "PC0"."agentsLCDate" AS "agentsLCDate" , "PC0"."memoryLCDate" AS "memoryLCDate" , "PC0"."pulseLCDate" AS "pulseLCDate" , "PC0"."processCPUUsageLCDate" AS "processCPUUsageLCDate" , "PC0"."databaseLCDate" AS "databaseLCDate" , "PC0"."cacheLCDate" AS "cacheLCDate" , "PC0"."httpResponseLCDate" AS "httpResponseLCDate" , "PC0"."urgentEventsLCDate" AS "urgentEventsLCDate" , "PC0"."pxCreateDateTime" AS "pxCreateDateTime" , "PC0"."NodeRunState" AS "NodeRunState" FROM dbo.pegaam_indicator "PC0" WHERE "PC0"."pxObjClass" = 'PegaAES-Data-Indicator' ORDER BY 1 ASC


Perform the following local-change:

Altering the column name 'DATABASESTATE' into uppercase in PEGAAM_INDICATOR table resolves the issue.

Published March 14, 2017 - Updated May 14, 2017

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