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Error while running the Connector Metadata wizard



Runtime error in Process Metadata step while Generating the data mapping rules.

Error Messages

2017-02-27 11:09:15,000 [fault (self-tuning)'] [TABTHREAD1] [ ] [ BCM:01.01.01] (ternal.mapping.WrapperCompiler) DEBUG | 5247930 - Compile Directory: file://runtime:/PRGenJava/
2017-02-27 11:09:15,051 [fault (self-tuning)'] [TABTHREAD1] [ ] [ BCM:01.01.01] ( pega.jsr199.Jsr199Bridge) ERROR | 5247930 - Failed to compile rule: /com/you_app/track/trackobject/prpcwrapper/
2017-02-27 11:09:15,052 [fault (self-tuning)'] [TABTHREAD1] [ ] [ BCM:01.01.01] (ternal.mapping.WrapperCompiler) WARN | 5247930 - Compilation failed during PRObjectWrapper generation:
1. ERROR in /com/you_app/track/trackobject/prpcwrapper/ (at line 35)
private static final LogHelper oLog = new LogHelper(com.you_app.track.trackobject.TrackSinglePackageRequest.class);
com.you_app.track.trackobject.TrackSinglePackageRequest cannot be resolved to a type

2017-02-27 11:09:15,052 [fault (self-tuning)'] [TABTHREAD1] [ ] [ BCM:01.01.01] (ation_Metadata_JavaBean.Action) ERROR | 5247930 - Caught exception loading java class property descriptors PRException
From: (H1260545F41BC3FC4CB4F81F83AD2EC0E:)
at com.pega.pegarules.integration.engine.internal.util.PRServiceUtils.

Caused by: Unexpected exception caught trying to generate wrapper class 'com.you_app.track.trackobject.prpcwrapper.TrackSinglePackageRequest, Compilation failed. See file://runtime:/PRGenJava//objwrapper_1488215355005000.log for details.
From: (H1260545F41BC3FC4CB4F81F83AD2EC0E:)
at com.pega.pegarules.integration.config.internal.mapping.PRObjectWrapperGeneratorImpl.generateWrapper(
at com.pega.pegarules.integration.engine.internal.util.PRServiceUtils.createXSDforJavaClass(
... 79 more
Caused by: Compilation failed. See file://runtime:/PRGenJava//objwrapper_1488215355005000.log for details.
at pileObjectWrapperImpl(
at com.pega.pegarules.integration.config.internal.mapping.PRObjectWrapperGeneratorImpl.generateWrapper(

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create JNDI server.
  2. Run Connection MetaData Wizard. Select Generate Data mapping rules. Metadata Type: Java Bean. Enter ruleset and class.
  3. Select the java class name, click next.
  4. Select any field name, click next and observe the error on the UI as well as in the logs.

Root Cause

A defect or configuration issue in the operating environment: DSS setting is missing to add the required classes in the Process Commander classpath. This is occurring because the classes are not present in the compile time classpath.


Perform the following local-change:
  1. Add the jar or Java class file to the runtime classpath. Verify that the Java class or jar file is located in Process Commander's classloader hierarchy, this can be done using SMA, Advanced -> ETier Runtime Environment -> Search for class and check if it is available.
  2. In Process Commander, from the Rules by Type explorer, select SysAdmin > Dynamic System Settings.
  3. Select either the compiler/defaultClasses setting or the compiler/defaultPaths setting, as appropriate.
  4. If you are using the compiler/defaultClasses setting, enter the fully qualified Java class name. If you are using the compiler/defaultPaths setting, enter the full path to and the name of the jar, or the path to and directory name of the unarchived Java classes. In either case, use semicolons (;) to separate entries from each other in the Value field.
  5. Semicolons (;) is used as delimiter only. Hence ending semicolon is not required and changes will not work if you add the classpath entries with ending semicolon.
  6. In case of compiler/defaultPaths, value should be file:/opt/dirContainingJar/...
  7. Save the setting.
  8. At System Management Application, select Advanced > Class Management.
  9. Click Refresh External Jars to add the class or jar to the compile time classpath. If it is already included, it will not get added again.
  10. Test the wizard and mapping and observe it works with these changes.

Published February 28, 2017 - Updated March 2, 2017

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