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French custom ruleset is not overriding the Pega language pack



The user's French custom ruleset is not overriding the Pega language pack rulesets. If there are two same properties say, PropA, in both the ruleset, then Pega is picking PropA from the OOTB language pack ruleset.

At runtime, it's almost like french language pack rulesets are above User's custom translation ruleset in the stack...

For exemple, with the field value "Pending", of field name "pyStatusLabel" in @baseclass :
  1. A rule exists in the ruleset (coming from FLP719) "Pega-EndUserUI_fr:07-01-01" with the translation "En attente"
  2. A rule exists in the ruleset (User's custom translation ruleset in application stack) "ABCDLabel_fr:02-01-10" with the translation "A venir"

At runtime, the translation is "En attente" while the expected one is "A venir".

Error Messages

Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce

  1.  Install the French language pack.
  2. Create custom field values in the application French ruleset @baseclass and application class (to override a few).
  3. Set the Default locale as ‘fr_CA’ in the Operator ID.
  4. Run the application, but it is picking the language pack field values instead of the custom field values saved in the application ruleset.

Root Cause

This issue was determined to be a product enhancement request.

This is a limitation with the ability to view custom localized field values. In order to save new field values into the custom _fr ruleset, the _fr ruleset will explicitly need to be added to the application ruleset stack.
However, at run-time if the same field value is in both the custom _fr ruleset and the language pack ruleset, then the application will display the one from the language pack.


Perform the following local-change: 
If OOTB Language Pack is not required then User can remove the OOTB language pack.

There is an alternative way, which would be to create a new Application based on your existing Application and add the _fr ruleset only to the second application.

For example, if you had application ABC:01.01.01 which incorporated the rulesets

But for the localized Field Values you would want to save these into MyFieldValues_fr:01-01-01.

The ABC:01.01.01 application should be saved as ABCfr:01.01.01 and add the additional ruleset to their stack.
So this new application would now be: -

And your developers would be able to save into the _fr ruleset.

Also, it is not essential that the second localized application has all of the rulesets associated with it.

Published January 12, 2017 - Updated January 13, 2017

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