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Grid Column headers are displayed incorrectly in German LP



In the localized version of the application, Grid Column Headers with two words (Name des Ansprechpartner) is displayed as (Name Des Ansprechpartner) 

Actually the Field value exists in the system as "Name des Ansprechpartner" but on screen it is showing "Name Des Ansprechpartner".

Here After each word first letter is getting capital in a given string.

Error Messages

Not applicable

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open the application ,select a case.
  2. Click on a tab.
  3. You can find "Name Des Ansprechpartners" as column name on case instead of Name des Ansprechpartners.

Root Cause

An issue in the custom application code or rules 

In the custom skin rule, the text-transform is set to capitalize as shown below

text-transform: capitalize; and which is capitalizing the first letter of each word to capital


Perform the following local-change:

1) set the text-transform value to none as shown below in the custom skin rule 

text-transform: none;

2) Or include the below change in the userworkform 

div.gridDefault div.Worklist_grid th.cellCont, div.gridDefault div.Worklist_grid li.headerCell{
text-transform: none;



Published November 1, 2016 - Updated November 2, 2016

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