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Ignore Locale option forces all dates to United States format



The Italian Language Pack for Pega 7.2.1 has been installed and application users have their Operator locale set to it_IT.
With the it_IT locale setting specified for the Operator, the user portal is translated correctly and dates are displayed in European format for the Italian application users.

In the Designer Studio preferences, application developers have selected the check box Ignore Locale to have the Designer Studio display in English - United States (en_us) format regardless of the operator or browser locale setting. The developers have selected the option Ignore Locale to work in the Designer Studio in English rather than in a mix of English and Italian.

The developers have found that the Ignore Locale option also forces all date fields to be entered in MDY format (English - United States), which they find very confusing. In particular, because the first 12 days of each month are valid dates in either MDY format or in DMY format, they often find that the DMY (European) format is used in error.

Sometimes, when a date and time field is updated, the application developers encounter the error date is not a valid date value. Pega expects a date with United States format (MDY) instead of European format (DMY).
Application developers see the same issue when creating a new ruleset version: The ruleset version is created, but saving the ruleset displays the error.

Application developers using the Designer Studio preference Ignore Locale ask these questions:
Is it expected behaviour that the Ignore Locale preference also forces the format of dates?
Is there any way to ignore lthe locale setting for language localization while retaining the locale's date, time and number formats?

Error Messages

date is not a valid date value

Steps to Reproduce

As an application developer working in the Designer Studio, follow these steps:
  1. In the Designer Studio preferences, select the check box Ignore Locale to override the locale setting specified for the operators and browsers and the Pega Language Pack installed for the localized user interface in the Pega application.
  2. Update a date and time field in the application for which the Pega Language Pack has been installed, for example, Italian Language Pack for Pega 7.2.1.

Root Cause

A defect in Pegasystems' code or rules
Enabling the Ignore Locale option in Designer Studio preferences is scoped to the entire Designer Studio.
All locale settings are ignored, and the default en_us settings are applied to the display language and to date, time, and number formats. Currently, Pega has no option to filter out the Designer Studio Ignore Locale setting for date, time, and number formats.


An enhancement request, FDBK-19325, has been submitted for consideration by Pega Product Management.
A documentation issue has been reported for the Help topic, studio/v6preferences.htm.
Watch the Resolved Issues release notes for documentation Issue-302897.

Published April 27, 2017 - Updated May 12, 2017

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