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Installation of hotfix fails with Database-Saver-Insertfail



A DL item can't be installed properly. The DL item contains several hot fixes. The first hotfix got installed straight away in commited state and other hotfixes didn't get installed.

Error Messages

On the screen:
Hotfix installation encountered an error:
Could not save rollback information for an installed hotfix: Database-Saver-Insertfail
Please see the log file for more information.

On PRPC log:

2016-06-07 16:41:44,484 [.PRPCWorkManager : 5] [ STANDARD] [ PegaRULES:07.10] (HotfixManager_Installer.Action) ERROR user - com.pega.pegarules.priv.updatemanager.InstallException: Could not save rollback information for an installed hotfix: Database-Saver-Insertfail 

Steps to Reproduce

Install DL

Root Cause

The customer imported a rule schema from one environment to another.
PRPC keeps information about hot fixes in both rules schema and data schema.
As a result of the import, the rules schema and data schema were not in sync for hot fixes.


Run the following queries:

First query:

select pylastreservedid from pc_data_uniqueid where pzinskey like '%HOTFIXORDER-%';
This should return a number. Let's say the number is 2.

Second query:

select pxInsName, pyproductid from pr_data_products order by pxInsName;

This should return a list of hot fixes installed. In this example below we see 14 hot fixes were installed (thanks to 'HOTFIXORDER-14' being highest number).
-        HOTFIXORDER-1               ML8
-        HOTFIXORDER-10             HFIX-24159
-        HOTFIXORDER-11             HFIX-23246
-        HOTFIXORDER-12             HFIX-23722
-        HOTFIXORDER-13             HFIX-26691
-        HOTFIXORDER-14             HFIX-22728
-        HOTFIXORDER-2               HFIX-23072
-        HOTFIXORDER-3               HFIX-22750
-        HOTFIXORDER-4               HFIX-22985
-        HOTFIXORDER-5               HFIX-22829
-        HOTFIXORDER-8               HFIX-26138
-        HOTFIXORDER-9               HFIX-25643

pylastreservedid should have the same number as the number of hot fixes found in pr_data_products.

This should be corrected by running the following query (14 should be replace by the number of hot fixes found in pr_data_products table):

update pc_data_uniqueid set pylastreservedid=14 where pyprefix='HOTFIXORDER-';

Published July 15, 2016 - Updated July 29, 2016

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