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Invalid Date Range error on IE when filtering on UK Dates



With out of the box functionality to produce a repeating grid. Local and Calendar is European format DD/MM/YYYY rather than the US format MM/DD/YYYY.

When filtering on a date range, the calendar icons for From and To 'understand', the locale and format the dates accordingly in the boxes (alternately one can type them in manually).

When selecting applying a date range where the day (DD) value is larger for the 'From' date than for the 'To' date, but the month is larger for the To date, user get 'This results in an invalid Date range'). This issue is with Internet Explorer, with Chrome it works fine.

It looks as if the code is interpreting the dates for the purposes of comparing them in US format.

If the date range is accepted the filter correctly filters using the UK format dates - it is just the range validation that fails.

Error Messages

DD/MM/YYYY: This results in an invalid Date range

Steps to Reproduce

Run the application using OOTB filtering for dates or date-times, in a European locale set a date range, where the day value is larger in the From field than in the To field but the To month is larger than the from month.

Root Cause

Date format (dd/mm/yyyy) is not supported by Java script. This issue was determined to be a product enhancement request.



Resolution targeted for inclusion to Pega 7.2.2.


Published September 5, 2016 - Updated September 14, 2016

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