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JSON generated in service doesn't handle tabulations properly



When a REST service is called or simulated standalone the JSON output does not show the tabulation as "\t" on browser. Based on the JSON specifications , a JSON data should contain a "\t" instead of a tabulation ASCII char.

REST Service method returns a page with several text properties, in JSON format. One of the values of those properties contains tabulation character.

This tabulation (\t) is the character is wrongly converted.

After copying the result to a text editor the tabulation is actually shown as a text editor specific hidden format. That means even if the actual tabulation is there the JSON cannot convert it to the required "\t" representation.

Error Messages

Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce

Create a service that returns a text in a json format, and have a tabulation in that text.

Root Cause

The required Dynamic system settings json/escapeSpecialCharacters is not set to true on the user's system.


Apply the bewlo local change to resolve this issue :-

Create/or set the DSS to true :

Purpose : json/escapeSpecialCharacters
Owning Ruleset : Pega-IntSvcs
Value : true

Published February 3, 2017 - Updated March 10, 2017

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