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Latency issue while checking checkbox



User have a requirenment in which they have two checkboxes.

On click of the two checkboxes, drop-drowns gets enabled.

The scenario is not working, if user unchecks the two checkboxes quickly then only two drop-downs are getting enabled and thrid drop-down remains disabled.

Error Messages

Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Include two checkboxes “One” and “Two”.
  2. On click of “One” checkbox, the second checkbox “Two” should not be clickable until some delay. It should be delayed.

Root Cause

User Experience issue.


Perform the following local-change steps:

1. Place a hidden text inside the layout and associate it with a property say .pyName with default value set to “3”.

2. Configure Disable condition on checkbox “Two”: .pyName == “2” selecting “Run disabled condition on client”.

3. Configure Actions on “One” checkbox:

a. Set Value : pyName to “2”

b. Run Activity to simulate delay

c. Activity “SimuDelay”:

d. SetValue: pyName to “3”

Published April 14, 2017 - Updated May 3, 2017

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