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The dashboard gets freezed when the user opens the assignment in the worklist. The issue is occurs only in Firefox version 47.0.

Error Messages

Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Use a Grid Repeat layout to display a list of assignments.
  2. To the Layout Properties for the Grid Repeat add a Double-click Action set to open the selected item and refresh the section which contains the list.

Root Cause

In ui_grid JS, the isInFatList() calls window.getComputedStyle() which returns null, producing a JS error.


Incorporate the following script snippet in the UserWorkForm or any JavaScipt included in their Harness:

pega.u.d.attachOnload(function() { 
if (pega.ui.grid) { 
pega.ui.grid.prototype.isInFatList = function() { 
if (this.bResponsiveGrid && pega.u.d.inStandardsMode) { 
var displayValue = this.rightBodyTbl.currentStyle ? (this.rightBodyTbl.currentStyle.display) : (window.getComputedStyle ? (window.getComputedStyle(this.rightBodyTbl, "") ? window.getComputedStyle(this.rightBodyTbl, "").display : :; 
return displayValue == "block"; 
} else { 
return false; 

}, true); 

Published August 31, 2016 - Updated September 12, 2016

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