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ListView returning wrong total count when Enable Paging checked



ListView returning wrong total count when Enable Paging checked.

Suppose the page size is given as 'X'. Then pxTotalResultCount is showing a maximum value of X*10 in the clipboard irrespective of the number of records displayed.

Error Messages

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Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a list view and check the enable paging option.
2. Provide a page size (suppose 'X') to specify number of records to be shown per page.

When List view is run the property pxTotalResultCount should give the count of total records fetched. Instead it is showing a maximum value of X*10.

Root Cause

Under Paging Properties, if Page mode is set to 'Numeric', pxTotalResultCount value is (Number of records per page) X (number of pages).

If pxTotalResultCount is used, the count is loaded only once and for the first page, value retrieved is total records.

But from the second page onwards, value is 0. This is the expected behavior.


Perform the following local-change:
  1. Instead of using pxTotalResultCount, use pyTotalResultCount under LISTVIEW_<reportname>.pyPagingParams whose value remains the same on page.
  2. Under Paging Properties, change Page Mode to 'Next Previous' or 'DropDown'. ('Numeric' mode does not work).

The property pyTotalResultCount will fetch the desired value when page mode is either "Next-Previous" or "Drop-Down", even when clicked on different pages.

Published April 17, 2017 - Updated May 3, 2017

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