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LocalAction submission continues though pyWorkPage has errors



A local action has a section with a property of type DateTime. Onchange, an activity is configured, which throws validation messages using 'Page-Set-Messages'. Though there are errors, the local action gets submitted.

Error Messages

Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce

  1.  Create a Section 
  2.  Include a Date Time Control. 
  3.  Configure change event for date time control 
  4.  Create an activity. Call the activity on change of date time control. 
  5. Click on submit.

Root Cause

This is working as per design, page-clear-messages was added to support other usecases and that cannot be changed since it would break other use cases.


The activity which is called on change of field in row is running in the context of row and same activity cannot be used to validate in post processing of flow action. A new activity has to be created and check for validation and show the message accordingly.

User has been suggested to add an activity to validate the date field and include that in the post processing of the flow action. 

Published September 8, 2016 - Updated September 17, 2016

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