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Logging into mobile app while Offline is not behaving properly



In Sales Automation mobile application, the following offline functionalities are not working properly:
  1. Not able to create Opportunity in offline
  2. User name is not visible after killing and relaxing into the app.

Error Messages

Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login into the mobile app.
  2. All packaging happens and application comes up.
  3. Now logout or close the app and reopen the opp as the same user
  4. Application will show up but behaves weirdly.
  5. Like..Operator id will be missing.try to create an activity or opportunity (there are OSCO cases) it throw alert saying "cannot perform this operation while offline ".No scripts will get executed so no data is present in the list views of Wo screens.

Root Cause

A defect in Pegasystems’ code or rules: On re-login app is not behaving properly. Offline enabled case is throwing "Cannot perform this operation"


Apply Hfix-30106 with following changes :

On second login, data pages are not loaded and its causing the issue. In pzpega_ui_doc_HCLoadManager.js, added the following code to load the data page in "onStatusUpdate" method: 

if(status.event === undefined || status.event == theWindow.launchbox.PRPC.ClientStore.Event.SUCCEEDED){ 
if(status.event === undefined){ 
status.wasFullSync = true; 
status.upsertedItems = {"datapage": ["*"]}; 
status.deletedItems = {}; 

fireDataSyncEvent(args, status); 


Published November 2, 2016 - Updated November 20, 2016

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