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Low performance within user environment



User environment is very slow, 30 minutes after restart it is blocked and user cannot work on it anymore.

Error Messages

"the issue is not environment poor performance, the environment is becoming unusable and then we are obliged to restart the application server."


For JAVA Memory:
Initial Memory Pool: 18000
Maximum Memory Pool: 18000


Root Cause

A defect or configuration issue in the operating environment.

Incorrectly sized PropertyReference cache.


Perform the following local-change:

Increase the size of the PropertyReference cache to a size sufficient for their application profile, thus eradicating the PEGA0017 alerts.

PEGA0017 Alert Definition:

Property reference cache exceed limit. 
A cache that is too small hurts performance by requiring more objects to be fetched from the database (or fetched from the file system or loaded by a class loader) rather than from the cache. 
A pool of PropertyReferences is maintained to avoid incurring cost of parsing and validating a reference every time it is requested for. 
The pool is maintained using LRU strategy. 
Before 7.1.7 the default Limit for PropertyReference cache is 30k. 
From 7.1.7 onwards the default cache size has been increased to 100k. 
Since 717+ a new configuration PruneToSoftPolicy was introduced to cache a soft reference to an element on pruning/draining. 
By default, this configuration is enabled. The softly referenced elements are not counted like the mainstream cached elements for the purpose of determining the size of the cache as they may get garbage collected at any point of time. 
If PruneToSoftPolicy is disabled then the element is completely removed from the cache on pruning. Also, we stop caching references with subscripts once the cache size reaches Limit. 



Perform the following local-change steps:

1.To diagnose cache usage, use System Management Application (SMA) Reports with the path SMA > Advanced > Reports) and run: 
- MRU cache report 
- Factory Report (look for the PropertyReference pool data that includes estimate of actual property reference pool storage) 
2. Check for PEGA0017 Alert in PegaRULES-ALERT.log files 
3. Increase the property reference cache by setting a Dynamic System Setting with the following Purpose and Value, then restart the server. 
Setting Purpose: 
Value: 150K or greater depending on the current value. 
Disable PruneToSoftPolicy policy if the values is greater than 300k and you still see PEGA0017 alerts. 



Published November 3, 2016 - Updated November 24, 2016

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