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Modal window pop up is hiding behind the screens



User has multiple links on their portal, the requirement is on click of the link, it should open the pop-up window and show the data.

They have faced an issue related to pop-up window opening (multiple pop-up windows are opening and data is overriding in both).

That is, pop-up window is hiding behind the screens and user is not able to understand whether the link is working or not.

Error Messages

Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce

1. Configure a link to open pop-up window.
2. Repeat the same configuration of step(1) in multiple link controls in the same screen.
3. Click on link, pop-up window opens.
4. Click on another window, old pop-up window replaced with new one.

Root Cause

A software use or operation error : It is the expected behavior.


Here’s the explanation for the reported behavior:

The difference between "Modal Window" and "Pop-up window".

Modal Window : It is a window that maintain the relationship with the parent window (From where it is launched).

Once the modal window is launched, the parent window content will be masked. Hence user will not allow to access the parent content and Modal window will appeared on top of the parent, never goes background.

Pop-up Window : It is an individual window that does not maintain the relationship with the parent window (From where it is launched).

Once the pop-up window is launched, it will be shown in the front and moves background once the user focus shifted to any other window. One should use alt+tab or any predefined method to bring front.

The current reported behavior uses the Popup window in the scenario. But not the modal dialog. So, as per definition, popup window is going background when user focus the parent window.

The reported problem is a known behavior and expected as per design. This is a general web application behavior and not introduced by the product.

Published June 13, 2017 - Updated August 7, 2017

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