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Need help with IAC web.xml file configuration



User has a web mash-up solution where they are using Pega web mashup Internet Application Composer (IAC) to display a harness in Pega host application (Pega 7.1.9) deployed within a PRPC 6.3 application deployed on premise. They are using IAC for this and it is working fine.

However their on-premise deployment in Pre-Prod and Production is a multi node environment where the Pega nodes are deployed on a Weblogic cluster.

There is a single deployment of prgateway.war targeted at all the nodes in the Weblogic cluster.

The requirement is to have

1. Separate gateway log files for each of the nodes.
2. Separate prgateway.xml configuration file for each of the nodes.

For this reason user defined a JVM start parameter for each of the nodes and tried to use that in web.xml within prgateway.war to reference a separate location at initialization but it is not taking effect. User would like to know if there is any way they can get the information in web.xml using JVM start-up environments in a multi node weblogic environment on weblogic cluster.

Following is the JVM parameter they defined and entry from web.xml file

Extract from web.xml using JVM variables


JVM start up variables defines as below

-Duser.home=/u01/apps/pegarules/externalconfig -Dpega.prpc.log.location=/u01/apps/pegarules/logs/pega1
-Diac.config.location=/ u01/apps/pegarules/externalconfig/pega1

Error Messages

No error message, but the setting in web.xml does not take effect.

It is not able to convert the ${pega.prpc.log.location} to value of this parameters.
It treats this just as literal value and creates folder with name "${pega.prpc.log.location}" instead of replacing this with value of JVM start up variable.

Steps to Reproduce

Make changes above changes in web.xml using JVM environment variables and restart al the nodes after clearing the cache.

Root Cause

There are missing steps in IAC configuration which is edited in the environment.


For configuration, one can use "The Gateway Configuration Console".

It is a web application (prgateway.war) that you use to support the deployment of a Pega Web Mashup (known as Internet Application Composer (IAC) in Pega 7.1.8 and earlier versions) system.

For details, see

Published January 17, 2017 - Updated February 3, 2017

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