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Page Copy performance issue with Pega 7.2.1



Significant performance issues in business logic implementing PAGE-COPY operations operating on data produced by PARSE XML operations.

Error Messages

No error messages are displayed on screen and no applicable error messages are found in the Pega log files.

Instead, a performance monitoring tool external to PRPC has isolated or identified the Activity implementing the PAGE-COPY as a significant time-sync to the overall operation.

Steps to Reproduce

A Page-Copy of data defined within an Activity operates slowly on Pages containing Embedded Objects.

Root Cause

A defect was identified in the standard Process Commander code base.  

The PARSE XML rule code behaves differently depending upon which code assembler is used.  

The XML Param.ElementName and Param.NameSpace are compared differently, and some parse rules are switched to the old assembler.  

This code alteration modifies the ParseRuleUtils to introduce an overridable when rule pyEnableOldAssemblerForParseXMLRules.


Try the following dynamic system setting first before installing the Hotfix:

DSS Name - SwitchToOldAssembler:  

This will make all the parse XML rules to be executed with DOM assembler rather than SAX assembler. 

​This will apply the setting across all the parse rules and page copy performance should be fixed most likely.

Apply HFix-29651 to resolve the issue.

Published October 4, 2016 - Updated October 14, 2016

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