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Parent doesn't resolve even after child is resolved



User opens the child case assignment from the parent work object that opens in a different tab and configured the application in such a way that when the child case is resolved, the tab gets closed and automatically closes the parent case.

But sometimes, though the child case status is "Resolved-Completed", the tab is still open and hence that does not resolve the parent case as the parent expects all of it's child work objects to be closed.

Error Messages

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Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a child case from the parent case.
2. Resolve the child case. Check for the status of child case in the parent.


The issue is happening only when the user is trying to withdraw the child case.

User is resolving the child case, that is, Resolved-Withdraw on click of a button, which is present in the parent case.

So, ideally the user expects the child case to be resolved whenever the button for each of the corresponding child case is clicked in that particular parent case.

But then, when user tries to resolve the child case on being on the same thread of parent case, then that scenario is supposed to be a misconfiguration as the user is already having the lock on the parent case and hence any update (Status of Parent case, updating pxCoveredCount, pxCoveredCountOpen) will not happen with an exception "Database-LockFailure-LockLost X-Y-Z-Work P-1"

Thereby, though the child case is resolved with a proper status, it does not reflect in the parent case and the values of pxCoveredCountOpen, pxCoveredCount remain incorrect. Only after an explicit refresh of parent case, it reflects all the correct changes as that refreshes and get the lock on the parent case to update the values accordingly.

User is suggested to modify the application design and configuration based on the requirement.

Published May 16, 2017 - Updated May 31, 2017

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