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Pega Marketing incorrectly treats Propositions as Offer



Starting in version 7.13, Pega Marketing began providing additional context at each step along the path to configuring a marketing Campaign for execution. One of these contextual changes was to link to all potential Offers that the selected Strategy rule is capable of sending at runtime. This was done by walking the Strategy rule canvas and, for each Proposition returned by the Strategy, providing details about the associated Offer rule. Since each Offer rule created also creates a backing proposition, this seemed safe.

However, there will be situations where Propositions already exist within the system which do not relate to an Offer rule. How to address various Campaign design-time and run-time implications that are thus presented, as well as improvements to performance when the number of Propositions and/or Offers are very large.

Error Messages

No error message is presented, apart from the incorrect Campaign validation.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Launch the Pega Marketing portal.
2) Create a new versioned Issue/Group from the Proposition Management landing page.
3) Create or import a large number of propositions for the new Issue/Group.
4) Create a new Campaign. Fill all required fields on the Campaign "Plan" tab.
5) On the Campaign "Build" tab, click Configure for the Marketing Strategy. In the selector which appears, click the Create link.
6) Create a new Strategy rule with a Proposition Import shape, which imports all propositions from the new Issue/Group.
7) Save and close the Strategy rule. Back on the Campaign, refresh the Strategy selector popup.
8) If the number of propositions in the new Issue/Group was large, attempting to select the new Strategy takes a long time (performance issue 1).
9) Select the newly created Strategy rule. Note that the list of Offers appears as blank (design-time issue 1).
10) Click Add on the Strategy selector popup to accept the current selection. Note that the list of Offers still appears blank on the Campaign UI (design-time issue 2).
11) Complete the other required fields for the Campaign, and save it.
12) Attempt to run the Campaign. Note that validation prevents the run from occurring, as it checks the Strategy Proposition list and attempts to validate the existence of Offers which do not exist (design-time issue 3). This blocks campaigns configured in this way from ever executing.

Root Cause

A defect in Pegasystems’ code or rules validation prevents multi-channel campaigns from being submitted for outbound execution when Propositions are included in the Strategy results.


Apply HFix-28425.

Published August 1, 2016 - Updated August 23, 2017

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