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Pega005 Alerts for Pega OOTB query



There is very high Relational Database Service cpu utilization observed which has led to poor performance of the system.
The DB is getting continuous queries even when the system is not in use. If those sessions are killed, it again triggers the query.

Error Messages

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Steps to Reproduce

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Root Cause

The query shown below is executing continuously:

With app_rulesets(pzRuleSetName) as (SELECT "PC0AR"."pzRuleSetName" AS "pzrulesetname" FROM ( SELECT "PC0AR".pzRuleSetName AS "pzRuleSetName" FROM pegarules.pr_sys_app_hierarchy_flat "PC0A
H" INNER JOIN pegarules.pr_sys_app_ruleset_index "PC0AR" ON ( ( "PC0AH".pzAppHash = "PC0AR".pzAppHash ) ) WHERE ( "PC0AH".pzTopAppHash = $1 ) ) "PC0AR" ) ,app_classes(pxClassName) as (SE
LECT DISTINCT "CA1".pxClassName AS "pxclassname" FROM pegarules.pr_sys_class_ancestors "CA1" INNER JOIN pegarules.pr_sys_class_ancestors "CA2" ON ( ( "CA1".pxHeight <= "CA2".pxHeight AND "C
A1".pxHashKey = "CA2".pxHashKey ) ) WHERE ( "CA1".pxHashKey IN (SELECT "PC0CA".pxHashKey AS "field1" FROM pegarules.pr_sys_class_ancestors "PC0CA" WHERE ( "PC0CA".pxClassName = $2 ) ) AN
D "CA2".pxClassName = $3 ) ) SELECT "AC".pxClassName AS "pxClassName" FROM pegarules.pr4_base "r" INNER JOIN app_classes "AC" ON ( ( "r".pyClassName = "AC".pxClassName ) ) INNER JOIN ap
p_rulesets "AR" ON ( ( "r".pyRuleSet = "AR".pzRuleSetName ) )


Apply HFix-34234 to resolve the issue.

Published May 4, 2017 - Updated May 8, 2017

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