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pega:forEach tag forced to lowercase in correspondence rule



Tags in camelCase like <pega:forEach> are forced to lowercase when the correspondence rule they are part of is saved.

This means that, after the rule is saved once, further saves will fail due to the tag not existing.

Error Messages

content of stream definition: ** The tag "foreach" with prefix "pega" is unrecognized

Steps to Reproduce

1) Create a correspondence rule that has a tag like <pega:forEach> in it.
2) Save the rule a second time.

Root Cause

A defect in Pegasystems’ code or rules.

pega:forEach is case sensitive, and saving the correspondence rule changes all tags to be lowercase.


The first time once the rule is saved, and when the tags are in camelCase, the rule actually saves correctly and should work correctly.

It's only if you save it a second time that it shows the error.

This is correct in Pega 7.2.2 - pega:forEach (and similar camelCase tags) are no longer case sensitive.

Published April 27, 2017 - Updated May 14, 2017

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