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Row visibility condition of Grid issue with Pega 7.1.6



When row visibility condition is added for Grid Layout to restrict few rows. Error messages are appearing twice on the UI Screen.

Error Messages

Validation error message appearing twice.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Configure repeat grid in a section.

2. Add a visibility condition on grid layout to restrict few rows.

3. Run the flow and observe that the validation error messages are appearing twice.

Root Cause

    Condition was getting fulfilled for both the layouts “GridNoResultsOnFiltering” and “GridNoResultsOnLoad”. Thus validation error

    messages was getting displayed twice on the repeat grid as they are loaded from both the layouts.


Perform the following local-change steps:
1.    Add below visibility condition on Dynamic Layout properties of “GridNoResultsOnFiltering” layout. 
Conditon(expression ) :- param.pyGridFilterCriteriaPage != '' && param.showOnLoadMsg != 'showOnLoadMsg'
2. Alternatively, user can modify the section as below(It will help in internatlisation):- 
  1. Add two dynamic layouts “GridNoResultsOnLoad” and “GridNoResultsOnFiltering” with below visibility conditions on Dynamic layout properties

  • “GridNoResultsOnLoad” :- param.showOnLoadMsg == 'showOnLoadMsg'.

  • “GridNoResultsOnFiltering”:- param.pyGridFilterCriteriaPage != '' && param.showOnLoadMsg != 'showOnLoadMsg'.
  1. Add two labels respectively in above created layouts. That is, “GridNoResultsOnLoad” and “GridNoResultsOnFiltering”

  1. Field Value can be created for above label to make error message dynamic instead of plain text. It will also help in internationalisation.




Published November 22, 2016 - Updated December 1, 2016

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