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Rule Search, run tracer fails when any portal is launched



Post launching a custom portal from designer studio, tracer, live UI and Full text search stops working, and shows error message as below.

Error Messages

Status fail
Message There has been an issue; please consult your system administrator
Operator ID SP97821
Requestor ID H07466FEE5AE97B4279FA5CD31CFF9999

Steps to Reproduce

1. Login as administrator to Pega Designer Studio portal.
2. Launch Manager portal.
3. Search a rule (activity or property or anything) on the Designer Studio Search field. ActivitiFailStatus pop-up is coming and the rule search is failing. If clicked on Tracer button - another window gets open where Designer Studio is loaded.

Root Cause

Work area used in Manager portal was not upgraded to dynamic content with the upgrade from PRPC 6.3 to Pega 7.2 because of tolerance upgrade.


User needs to perform compliance upgrade instead of tolerance upgrade to fix the issue because in a tolerance upgrade, the PRPC rulebase is upgraded to the Pega 7 Platform, but existing applications continue to use deprecated features.

Pegasystems does not recommend tolerance upgrades because converting from the existing PRPC 5.x or PRPC 6.x UI to the Pega 7 Platform standard UI might take considerable effort and not all features will continue to work as expected.

For example, applications developed before PRPC 5.5 include fixed portals.

Because fixed portals are not supported on the Pega 7 Platform, the portals will not work after upgrading the application.

Published March 22, 2017 - Updated April 24, 2017

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