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Saving rules fails with "consult system administrator"



System throws an error when developer tries to save any flow:

Error Messages

2016-07-15 04:46:38,937 [    WebContainer : 2] [dalProcess] [                    ] [       XXXXX:01.01.01] (  internal.access.DatabaseImpl) ERROR|xx.11.xx xxxxx- Trying to create a ruleset context for a rule with a bad class: Class Rule-Obj-Flow does not exist Class Rule-Obj-Flow does not exist
From: (H09AFD3159455F3D2B44C5F2B898882E2:1x.1xx.xx.1xx) 
    at com.pegarules.generated.validateRuleExistence_071017_pkqHsfQsBNG74YKscpIgMw.validateRuleExistence07_10_17(
    at com.pegarules.generated.validateRuleExistence_071017_pkqHsfQsBNG74YKscpIgMw.invoke(
    at com.pega.pegarules.generation.internal.library.LibraryRuntime.resolveAndinvokeFunctionViaReflection(


Steps to Reproduce

1). Log into Pega 7.1.8 developer portal
2). Search and open any Flow Rule.
3)  Save or check in Flow Rule. System opens a popup with error message"Consult your system administrator'.

Root Cause

A defect or configuration issue in the operating environment :
For every error in front end ‘Consult your system administrator’ there is exception in the PegaRules.log. from the exception stack trace below 3 functions are referred.
  1. validateRuleExistence
  2. validateRuleExistence2
  3. createFieldValueReference


Re-generate below functions to resolve the issue.  Follow below instructions to re-generate functions.
  1. Log into developer portal.
  2. Search for the functions listed above. (For example: validateRuleExistence)

3. Open the function rule.

4. Click on the ‘Java’ tab. You will find three buttons.
5. Click on ‘Re-Generate Function’ and ‘Re-Generate Library’ 

​Repeat the above process for all above mentioned  three functions. 

Published July 21, 2016 - Updated August 1, 2016

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