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Screen capture issue with Aero display theme



As an audit requirement of the application, application users must attach a screenshot that shows the following elements all as one attachment:
  • Excel spreadsheet
  • Excel Find and Replace pop-up dialog box
  • Excel pop-up dialog box indicating whether results were found or not .

When the users use the screenshot attachment flow action, the screenshot of Excel gets captured and added to the case correctly. However, the Find and Replace pop-up dialog box and the Search Results pop-up dialog box are not captured as part of the screenshot when the application user has applied the the Aero display theme.

When a Windows 7 Basic theme is used, the issue does not occur: Both pop-up dialog boxes are included in the screen capture attachment.

Error Messages

Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in to the application running on Windows 7 with the Aero display theme applied.
  2. Open Microsoft Excel and press Ctrl+F to open the Excel Find dialog box.
  3. Enter some text in the FInd dialog box.
  4. Log in to the PRPC 6.2 SP2 application.
  5. Go to Attachments.
  6. Select a screenshot attachment and try attaching a screenshot of the Excel session with the Find dialog box.

    In Windows Aero mode: Only the Excel worksheet is captured in the screen shot.
    In Windows Basic mode: The Excel worksheet and the Find dialog box are captured in the screen shot.

Root Cause

A third-party product issue

The full screen capture does not work with the Windows 7 Aero display theme because Windows Aero is a design setting that gives your desktop windows a glass-like, or translucent look from Vista and later versions of the Windows operating system.. The entire graphics architecture was completely overhauled with Aero in Vista and Windows 7. Programs still write to what they think are paint-over invalidated rectangles and to device contexts, but what they are actually doing is paint onto a surface. That surface is then composited on the screen with the various other surfaces that make up the other windows using Direct3d. If Aero mode is off, all windows share the same display surface. When using screen capture in PRPC, you get whatever happens to be on the screen at that time. Windows 7 Aero keeps separate display surfaces for each top-level window; therefore, it does not behave as expected in the scenario reported and the additional dialog boxes that are opened are not captured.


The functionality for screen capture in PRPC 6.2 SP2 does not support capturing all open dialogs within Windows 7 in Aero mode. The same behaviour occurs in the latest available Pega release, Pega 7.2.2. Any changes to the screen capture functionality to expand its operation with Windows 7 Aero mode need to be considered by Pega Product Management and Engineering as an enhancement for a future version of the product.

Consider the following options to ensure that application users can continue to capture the screenshots they require:
  • Enforce the use of Windows 7 Basic theme for users who require multi-window screen capture for audit purposes.
  • Use an alternative tool, for example, print screen or Windows 7 Snipping tool, to capture the multi-window screen, save the image, and then upload the image file as an attachment to the application work object.

Published April 19, 2017 - Updated May 5, 2017

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