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Session timeout - pop windows not closed



Popup windows opened from the application is not getting closed after session timeout when custom Javascript to launch the popup windows are used.

Error Messages

Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce

1. Implement session time out using pxSessiontimer section and mention required timeout and warning timeout values.
2. In a portal open report in a workspace and configure to open an item from the list in a popup.
3. At runtime, open the list item in a popup  keep the session idle for sometime.
4. After session timeout, the requestor session is getting logged off but the popup window still exists.

Reference: SA-26288

Root Cause

The code provided in SA-26288 was working fine.

A listview was including custom javascript for onClick events that opened windows for Work Objects using So the UI Application layer was not tracking these popup windows. 


When using own javascript function, user can add the window object to UI Application object layer for tracking with the following code:

// Open a window (Custom code not using PRPC API)
var objWnd =, strWindowName, strWindowFeatures + "," + strFeatures);

/* Add window to app.openedWindows so it can be closed on timeout logoff */
var app =;
if (app){

With this code the popup window is now part of the UI Application objects openedWindows array. 

Published August 12, 2016 - Updated August 22, 2016

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