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Strategy does not execute correctly with Data Flow



There is a Strategy rule that accesses a few Data Pages, through Page List properties that refer to them.

The Strategy works as expected when user calls it from an Interaction rule.

When user calls the Strategy through an Activity that runs a Data Flow, the behavior is not the same and the Data Pages are not loaded, so the Strategy fails to execute correctly.

Error Messages

No error messages, but the result is not correct.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a Strategy on a work class and a property that refers to a Data Page.
  2. In the Strategy, do a Data Import and use the property.
  3. Then do a Data Join with a Proposition component.
  4. Use an Interaction to call the Strategy and observe that the Data Import brings the Data Page records in and the Data Join maps the properties correctly at the Proposition object.
  5. Then, call the Strategy with a Data Flow called by an Activity.

All rules are defined on the work class, only the Data Page is external.

The Activity uses the DataFlow-Execute command with Operation = Process and submits the step page.

Root Cause

An issue in the custom application code or rules.

This is working as designed. Dataflows uses DSMClipboard pages.

These pages are special and no declarative rules are processed there. Hence the declare page is not triggered within the data flow execution.


Perform the following local-change:

There are two solutions available.

Perform an access to property(referencing the data page) in a step prior to calling DataFlow-Execute method.

This will trigger the data load and build the data page prior to calling the dataflow execute.


Force dataflow execution to use regular clipboard pages.

This option will impact performance of dataflow executions.

To force dataflow to use regular clipboard pages, create or update following dynamic system setting and set its value to ‘false’.
  • Owning Ruleset: Pega-DecisionEngine
  • Setting Purpose: dsm/clipboard/optimize
  • Value: false

Published March 3, 2017 - Updated April 21, 2017

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