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System freeze during data from Word to PEGA application



When user saves WORD document, his IE session freezes. Changes he made to the WORD document do not get reflected.

Error Messages

Word does not raise any errors. The IE browser session freezes. 

Steps to Reproduce

After PRPC is launched the user performs the following:
  • Advance to the flow action containing edit corr in Word link.
  • Launch Word and make some document changes
  • Save edited document by clicking the save button

Root Cause

The edit corr in Word functionality is supported by the Open Authoring (OA) ActiveX control.

In a working case, OA creates a subfolder under Temp folder with name pattern OAWord_xxxxx. OA control saves the initial OAWord_xxxxx.htm document and “shells” Word on it.


After user makes changes and saves document, Word automatically creates subfolder with name patterned OAWord_xxxxx_files, containing binary content embedded into the edited  OAWord_xxxxx.htm document. Important! - This is Microsoft controlled behavior, in which PRPC is not involved.
It is observed that in the “problem” scenario, when PRPC IE session is automatically launched from an existing legacy application using Microsoft Browser Helper Objects (BHO) technology., the desktop security prevents Word from creating the required OAWord_xxxxx_files subfolder.There is nothing Pega can do to correct this.


The issue is resolved with the following appraoch:
  1. Modify overall approach - remove BHO-based automatic browser launch from the legacy application. This will require user to manually launch IE and navigate to PRPC. The issue is not reproducible in this scenario.
  2. Engage Microsoft for help with launching IE with elevated privileges using BHO. It is unknown at this time whether this is possible or will resolve the issue.

Published November 20, 2014 — Updated January 31, 2016

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