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T and E transaction - less than $25 not able to assign RC



For Merchants having T&E transactions with a Chargeback amount less than $25, the system is not allowing assignment of a Reason Code, thus the user is unable to submit a chargeback.

Error Messages

The reference .pxFlow() is not valid. Reason contains empty subscript(s)

A processing error has occurred
Error Message<%= StringUtils.decodeCrossOSString(Param.pyErrorMessage);%>

Stack Trace

The reference .pxFlow() is not valid. Reason contains empty subscript(s)

Steps to Reproduce

1. Search for a transaction for an account.
2. Select a transaction and choose Dispute.
3. Select Phone, Single, past request date, amount and a comment, and submit.
4. See process potential duplicate, but do not select any.
5. On the Qualify Dispute screen, select 'Yes' for goods or services; Unknown for the next two questions; and provide a phone number.
6. Initiate Reason Code Advisor and select Non-receipt.
7. Change the pyWorkPage.Advisor.Transactiondata.ChargebackAmount to an amount less than $25 (for example, $21) and pyWorkPage.Advisor.Transactiondata.MerchantCategoryCode to 3000 in the clipboard editor.
8. Refresh the case and see the questions again.
9. Now if “No” is selected to the question “Was this a payment for services?” it will neither return a reason code or display a message like “based on the above result no reason code can be assigned” instead it is directly routing to the “Record retrieval Response” assignment without assigning any reason code.

Root Cause

A defect in Pegasystems’ code or rules.


Apply HFix-31142.


Published December 23, 2016 - Updated January 20, 2017

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