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UI is submitted even after edit validate throws errors



UI is getting submitted even after Edit validation errors are available on the UI.

Error Messages

Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a property and associate it with a section.
2. On Change of the Text input, configure Refresh-Section > Run activity.
3. In Run Activity, validate the property with Edit Validate rule ( just return false).
4. Add customized Error Message.
5. At runtime, onChange of the value of the text input, one can see an error. It is set at clipboard -pagesetmessage.
On submit of the Flow action, the form is getting submitted.

Root Cause

Edit Validate is a server-side validation where upon submission of work assignment, the validation gets invoked.

So, the activity needs to be invoked at the Flow action post-processing step or Property-validation takes care of this.

Since the logic is written on-Change – Refresh Section, this is already done when input is given and focus is tabbed out of the field.

​When submitting, FinishAssignment will clear the messages.

As Validate rule is not invoked, the form is submitted.

This needs to be taken care by the user.


Call the validate rule to re-validate (either in the flow-action post-processing level or at the property level).

Published April 12, 2017 - Updated May 2, 2017

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