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Unable to add When rule to a property in correspondence fragment



  • Issue 1: User has a correspondence fragment displaying name and address of an embedded page. The address 2 must be displayed only when it is not blank. The Save button does not respond when When rule is added to the address property.
  • Issue 2: If the When tag is added to the source of the correspondence rule, the rule is corrupted.

Error Messages

Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a correspondence fragment displaying two page properties and check in.
  2. Check out the above rule and include a When rule for property 2.
  3. Save the property parameter, and click Save to save the rule. It does not respond. Click Check-in and it does not respond too.
  4. Close the rule, re-open, and click Private Edit. Switch to Source code mode.
  5. Include a When tag around the property reference for property 2.
  6. Save and check in the rule. Close it and re-open it. Check the source code. The When condition of the rule is corrupted.

Root Cause

  • Issue 1: The modal dialog buttons configured in RTE_ModalDlgWin section has non-auto way of calling modal dialog submit or cancel APIs, which resulted in a stale value for the event architecture element _paused. Hence, the actions following it are not functional.
  • Issue 2: When the tags pega:when or pega:forEach have any inner content, CKEditor removes the content.


  • Apply HFix-29089 for Issue 1.
  • Apply HFix-21163 for Issue 2.

Published August 31, 2016 - Updated September 7, 2016

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