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Unable to print content of current screen



User has upgraded application from PRPC 6.1 SP2 to Pega 7.1.9. In PRPC 6.1 SP2, user portal had a default option to print the case information which prints the current screen using out-of-the-box (OOTB) functionality by calling GenerateActionFrame activity.

But in Pega 7.1.9 it has been replaced with PrintWork which prints only case header and audit information.

As printing current screen functionality was available in PRPC 6.1 SP2 , the same is expected to be available in Pega 7.1.9.

Error Messages

Not Applicable.

Steps to Reproduce

Open any case and click on Print.

Root Cause

To get this sorted it, an excursion into the history of PRPC was required.

PRPC 5.x knew two different "Print" buttons; one, further on called the "Print Screen" button, was deprecated with PRPC 6, although it was still available in that version, but did not exist any longer in Pega 7, mainly because the underlying functionality does not exist in Pega 7.

The other "Print" button requires the implementation of a print harness; this functionality is still continued in Pega 7.

Unfortunately, both buttons existed "Out-Of-The-Box", causing some confusion in the discussion with the user:

User reported that the OOTB "Print" button in their new Pega 7 environment does not work as expected, based on what they now from that OOTB button in their previous environment, where the "Print Screen" option was used.


User is provided with the results of our "research into history", to explain the reported behavior.


Published August 4, 2016 - Updated August 10, 2016

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