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Unable to unlock work object



When logging out while work object locks are held, the requestor is destroyed but the locks are not released.

Subsequent attempts to use the "End other session to release lock" button by the same operator using a different browser session result in errors.

Error Messages

Error during acquireLock bean method call: code: SQLState: nested exception is: java.lang.RuntimeException: Problem during method invocation (unlock) Message 

Steps to Reproduce

1. Log in and open a work object to obtain the lock. 
2. Click the log off link. 
3. Start a new browser session and log back in with the same operator (this will result in a new requestor being used). 
4. Open the same work object as was opened in step 1. 
5. Click the "End other session to release lock" button when displayed. 

Root Cause

A defect or configuration issue in the operating environment where the pr_sys_locks table was mapped to the wrong database.


Make the following change to the operating environment:

Adjust the mapping for pr_sys_locks to reference the correct database.

Published September 2, 2016 - Updated September 15, 2016

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