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Validation Icon Disappear on click of DateField



User has configured mandatory fields in the section and when clicking on the submit without filling the values,the error is thrown. When user is clicking on the mandatory field, it is clearing of the error icon only for one of the filed.

Error Messages

Not applicable

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create three integer fields say int1 , int2 and int3.
2. For int3 create a Declare expression and use int1 in that Declare expression.
3. Use int1 and int 2 properties in a section.
4. On post processing use a Obj-validate which will have a validation of required condition for all these properties.
5. Run the flow and click on submit without filling any data.
6. Now see the error icons (due to required conditions on the integer fields) , so fill some integer value to these fields.
7. Observe that for one the error icon persists while for the other it does not.

Root Cause

A defect in Pegasystems’ code that if a Declare expression is there for a property then during validation it searches for a property having id ="CV" which makes the difference in the behavior for the property having validation as "calculate expression" in the Document Object Model (DOM).


Perform the following local-change:

By keeping a Target property of any Declare expression in the screen, this issue can be resolved (as it adds a div containing id as "CV").

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Published December 19, 2017 - Updated October 8, 2020

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