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Why do some cases get a lock lost error and others do not



A lock lost error occurs for some cases that are left on the screen a long time and then submitted. The submission succeeds for other cases. Why the difference?

Error Messages

Lock Lost Error - You have lost the ability to make this change because a change elsewhere has taken precedence over the change you made here.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open a case.
  2. Wait for a while.
  3. Click submit.

Root Cause

When comparing the flows for one case and another, there may be differences in the times the lock is acquired or released.


To help understand why one assignment is getting "lock lost" on submit and another is not, please use the "locking" event type on the Pega trace. Try it even without waiting for the 2 hour default lock timeout to kick in to spot differences between the two cases in terms of where they each acquire and release locks.

Published April 22, 2017 - Updated May 5, 2017

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