The default database for Pega Cloud Services is now PostgreSQL 9.6. New Pega Infinity™ subscriptions include this default version.

This change goes into effect in Q3 2018.

The Pega Cloud Services SFTP Service is now easier to whitelist in your firewall configurations. This enhancement assigns three static IP addresses to the service, which will not change for the life of the service and eliminates the need for you to whitelist a broad range of IP addresses for the service.

For more information, see Pega Cloud SFTP Service.

Pega Cloud Services now redirects HTTP to HTTPS automatically for applications that run in Pega Cloud Services environments. This automatic redirection ensures that your network traffic is always encrypted.

Pega Cloud Services now supports deployment to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) EU (Paris) region. Deployment across multiple availability zones within a geographical region protects against zone faults and localized service disruptions, and ensures high availability.

For more information about regions and availability zones, see Pega Cloud availability and resiliency.

This additional region is available as of QI 2019.

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