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Improving the user experience with Unified Messaging

In this month’s episode of TechTalk, Matt Lake (Sr. Director of Product - Digital Customer Service) will showcase how developers and members of Pega’s technical ecosystem can create best-in-class user experiences by unifying multiple messaging platforms (iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, etc.) into a single desktop. 

Presented by

Max Rollinger
Sr. Development Marketing Manager

Matthew Lake
Sr. Director, Multi Channel Technology

This episode will cover a broad range of topics including:

What is Unified Messaging and why is it especially helpful for those working in customer service/support roles?

How does Unified Messaging allow customer service/support agents to more effectively respond to customers in real-time?

From a case management standpoint, how can Unified Messaging be utilized to guide agents through established workflows and make sure work is completed on time?

Have an idea for a TechTalk?

As Pega Community puts together our content calendar for 2020, we would love to hear your feedback on potential topics that we could cover for technical audiences across the Pega ecosystem.