Delivering consistently stellar experiences across digital channels is no easy feat. Join us July 14th to learn how developers use Pega's DX API to build custom front-end experiences.


Building custom front-end experiences

with Pega's Digital Experience (DX) API

Join Vinay Kamath, Pega’s Senior Director of User Interface Technologies, to learn how the DX API allows developers to build custom front-end experiences for Pega applications without encoding business logic into each and every channel.

Presented by

Max Rollinger
Sr. Development Marketing Mangaer

Vinay Kamath
Sr. Director, User Interface Technology

This episode will cover a broad range of topics including:

  • What is the DX API and when it should be used

  • The benefits of the DX API vs traditional API’s

  • How to get leverage the various starter packs

  • What the future of DX API looks like

To ask questions, start discussions and share ideas about the DX API, visit the Pega Collaboration Center.