Understanding Next Best Action

Published April 19, 2018

This video is part of Pega Academy course: Introduction to Customer Decision Hub.

Next Best Action

This is your customer. You want him to buy your products, use your services and have a great experience. And your competitors want the same thing.

To compete, you have to take the right action, at every customer touch, ensuring that each and every conversation delivers exactly the right message, the right offer and the right level of service.

You want to provide a great experience, while maximizing the customer’s value to your organization.

Big data and analytics are a start. But the real value comes when you can turn data into insight, into action. Which means making coordinated decisions in real time across all channels. Pega delivers this through a capability we call: Next-Best-Action.


In Pega, business people use browser-based forms to build decision strategies visually. These strategies combine predictive analytics with algorithms developed through mining large sets of data, adaptive analytics with self learning algorithms that improve with each interaction, and traditional business rules that allow users to prioritize and arbitrate between decisions.

Pega uses a strategy to looks across all the potential actions that you may take with a customer. Make an offer, innitiate a retention plan, open a service case, start a collections process, and ensure that exactly the right action is taken at every interaction; and it works across al channels to give a consistent experience, weather the customer is on the web, a mobile app, in a store or calling a contact center.

Strategies can even be connected to streams like social feeds, or network events that detect paterns and drive the Next Best Action proactively. And stratgies are completely contextual. Any change in the customer context, a click, a reply, a location change, a tweet, will trigger the Next Best Action so you can really listen to your customers and act accordingly.

Pega Next Best Action capability lets organizations optimize every customer interaction for experience and value. Our world is constantly changing. Only Pega lets you build for change.

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