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Embedding a chat window for the Web Chatbot channel


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Generate mashup code for your Web Chatbot channel and embed it on an external website like a web page. The web page displays a chat window where users can interact with a Pega Platform application, for example, to obtain a list of commands or open a case.

Set up a Web Chatbot channel and obtain access to a web page for which you will embed the mashup code for a Web Chatbot channel. For more information, see Setting up a Web Chatbot channel.

To generate the mashup code for a website, specify a URL address for your Pega Platform application so that the system knows where to connect during a chat conversation.

You must generate the mashup code again and embed it on a web site, if you change any Web Chatbot channel settings, for example, the URL for your Pega Platform application.
  1. In the header of Dev Studio, click the name of the application, and then click Channels and interfaces.

  2. In the Current channel interfaces section, click the icon that represents your existing Web Chatbot channel.

  3. In the Web Chatbot channel interface, click the Mashup tab.

  4. In the Mashup URL field, enter the URL for your Pega Platform application.
  5. Click Save, and then click Generate.

  6. Copy and save the generated code from the Mashup code text area, for example, click Copy to clipboard.

  7. Embed the mashup code from step 6 on a web page that will be used as an IVA for Web Chatbot.

Style the IVA for Web Chatbot to fit the needs and requirements of your organization. For more information, see Customize the Web Chatbot channel.

  • Creating a Web Chatbot channel

    Create Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) for Web Chatbot so that users can interact with a Pega Platform application to answer questions, report an issue, or step through a process by sending messages in an embedded chat window. For example, with the IVA for Web Chatbot, users can create a case to inquire about a car price estimate or book a flight.

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