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Pega Infinity patch frequently asked questions

Ensure that you are on the latest patch of Pega Infinity to take advantage of the latest security and reliability improvements that are delivered with each new release. See the following list of frequently asked questions about the Pega Infinity patch process.

How often are patches released?

Patches are released on an ongoing basis starting the month after a GA release. The schedule may be adjusted based on the severity and nature of any reported issues.

Pega will release patches for a minor release for up to 18 months following the GA date. For more information, see Pega software maintenance and extended support policy.

What will the patch releases contain?

Patch releases are cumulative and include the full Pega Platform distribution, plus all the fixes made up to that date. For example:

  • 8.4.0 is the original Pega Platform release
  • 8.4.1 will contain Pega Platform release plus any fixes since the release
  • 8.4.2 will contain Pega Platform and fixes of version 8.4.1 plus any fixes since that release
  • 8.4.3 will contain Pega Platform and fixes of version 8.4.2 plus any fixes since that release

How do clients get the patch release?

Patch releases are available through Pega Digital Software Delivery.

How do I install a patch release?

For Pega Cloud clients, Pega automatically installs patch releases to all of the environments in your subscription during the maintenance periods you have scheduled. Depending on the version of Pega Platform running, clients should review the patch appropriate article to ensure they understand the process:

For on-premises clients: Patch releases are available through Pega Digital Software Delivery. To apply a patch to your existing system, use the appropriate guide for your system:

Has the process for reporting issues changed?

No, the process for reporting Pega Platform form issues has not changed. All clients will continue to report issues and request changes through the standard service request (SR) process.

Will hotfixes be provided?

Hotfixes will be provided at the discretion of Pega in extremely rare and exceptional situations (such as production down or security vulnerability). Going forward, fixes will be delivered through the patch release process.

Clients must be on the latest patch version before a hotfix can be applied.

Does the patch release process apply to Pega strategic applications?

At this time, strategic applications will continue to follow the existing hotfix process. Pega Platform patch releases will be tested for compatibility with the latest GA version of Pega strategic applications.

How is the patch process different for on-premises and Pega Cloud clients?

Pega Cloud client upgrades will be proactively performed by the cloud operations team. For more information, see Pega Cloud proactive patch program frequently asked questions. On-premises clients will request the software through traditional channels and update their system.

What is the responsibility model for testing Pega software patches?

The Pega patch process includes thorough regression testing to ensure backwards compatibility with the previous patch release; however, it is the responsibility of clients to review the list of "Resolved Issues" to identify smoke and sanity testing protocols specific to their implemented application in addition to the routine testing critical functionality to ensure that applying the patch does not disrupt their business process. Pega recommends implementing an automated testing pipeline to reduce testing cycle times (i.e. Pega Scenario Testing:

Where can I find details about the bug fixes included in each patch?

Patch release notes will be published to Pega Community and include a cumulative list of bugs that were fixed inclusive of prior patch releases for a minor release. Resolved issue notes will not be included in release media.

Where can I find information about what patch version is available?

For a list of currently available patches, see Pega Platform Patch Releases - Resolved issues download.

Where can I find the patch release cadence?

Patches will be released monthly starting the month after a GA release. The schedule is subject to change based on resources and other requirements. For more information, see Pega Infinity patch calendar.

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