OPS0013: Elasticsearch stability issues

Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud™ (PDC) generates the OPS0013 event when the Elasticsearch work index becomes unstable.

Reason for the event

Pega Platform™ periodically sends the state and size of the Elasticsearch work index. PDC analyzes this information and verifies whether the pattern is correct. If the Elasticsearch work index has stability problems, for each application server on which the issue occurs, PDC generates an OPS0013 event and a corresponding ElasticsearchFailure case.

PDC recognizes the following causes of instability in the Elasticsearch work index:

  • Documents are not available.
  • The number of indexed documents is 0.
  • The document count has changed by more than 90% compared to earlier counts.

Example message text

Elasticsearch work index is unstable with index status Incomplete.

Recommended next steps

To resolve Elasticsearch stability issues, perform the following actions:

  • Engage an application administrator to check the search index status

    1. Log in to your application

    2. In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure > System > Settings > Search.

    3. In the Search indexing section, check the Status column. If the status remains INCOMPLETE for a long time, the process of rebuilding the search index might have become stuck. For possible solutions to this issue, see the Indexing stuck in progress section in Troubleshooting Pega Platform Search.

  • Rebuild the search index

    • If the search index is unavailable and a rebuild is not in progress, rebuild the search index.
      For more information, see Rebuilding search indexes.
    • If the rebuild does not progress, or if you cannot view the search index status, contact Global Client Support.
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