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Pega Cloud Services upgrade for Pega Platform and the suite of CRM applications

For the Pega Platform™ 8.1 release, this article applies only to the latest major or minor software version upgrades of Pega Platform and the suite of CRM applications running in Pega Cloud environments. The latest upgrade version includes all previously released patches. No other Pega Cloud applications software upgrades follow this process during the Pega Platform 8.1 timeframe.

This article provides information about how Pegasystems Inc. upgrades both the latest Pega Platform version and the latest suite of CRM application software running on the customer's Pega Cloud environments. This information is provided for planning purposes, and is subject to change at the discretion of Pegasystems Inc.

Standard upgrade process benefits

Standardizing the Pega Cloud Services software upgrade process and providing the customer with an upgraded, cloned staging environment for 30 days includes the following benefits:

  • Customers have a 30-day trial period during which they perform their testing.

  • Customers can assess the effect of the latest Pega Platform and CRM application capabilities and features. This gives them time to plan their new feature adoption strategy across their Pega Cloud environments following the upgrade.

  • Customers will see a reduction in downtime and post-upgrade steps.

Upgrade planning considerations

The following conditions must exist on all of a customer’s Pega Cloud environments for Pegasystems Inc. to upgrade to the latest Pega Platform and application software version.

  • The customer defines the preferred maintenance windows during which upgrade activities run by Pegasystems Inc. are performed.

  • The customer environment to be upgraded must be running Pega Platform version 7.4 and its associated application software version.

This new standard upgrade process does not support the following:

  • Updating existing application sample data.
  • Copying existing Cassandra or Kafka data sets to the upgraded, cloned staging environment.

Upgrade responsibilities

The following are the responsibilities of Pegasystems Inc. during the environment upgrades:

  • Perform required infrastructure upgrades, the cloning of the staging environment, and software upgrades, including a post-upgrade health check, within customer-defined scheduled maintenance windows.

  • Document any issues discovered during the cloning and upgrade of the staging environment and, when necessary, work with the customer by using service requests to resolve discovered upgrade issues. Any issue resolution will be archived and available to Global Customer Support and customers for the upgrade of the customer’s live environments.
  • Manage customer communications regarding upgrades, scheduling, and required consents throughout this upgrade process.
  • Delete the upgraded, cloned staging environment.

The following are the responsibilities of the customer during the environment upgrades:

  • Communicate to Pegasystems Inc. about appropriate maintenance windows and a timeline for upgrading their live environments.
  • Perform and document any post-upgrade fixes aligned to steps 4 & 7 in the Upgrade details section on their upgraded, cloned staging environment as well as on their upgraded live environments. During this phase, the customer must:
    • Manually update the Customer Built on application setting of the application to point to the upgraded Pega software.
    • On certain Pega Cloud applications, run required application upgrade utilities. These details are found in the applicable application release notes.
  • Test the application running on the upgraded, cloned staging environment to ensure that it is compatible with the new release of the Pega Platform and the latest associated application software release.
  • File timely Global Customer Support service requests when required to address a post-upgrade issues.
  • Verify the application functionality using automated test suites on the upgraded, cloned staging environment.

Upgrade details

Starting with the release of Pega Platform 8.1, upgrades to Pega Platform and applications running on Pega Cloud will follow this standard upgrade process:

  1. Pegasystems Inc. contacts the customer and informs them of the new standard upgrade process. At this point, required infrastructure upgrades are performed across the customer’s environments in the subscription. 
  2. Pegasystems Inc. clones the customer’s staging environment and upgrades the cloned staging environment to the latest Pega Platform and application software, which includes all declared, critical hot fixes as defined in the article, Pega Cloud maintenance and types of system updates. During this step, Pegasystems Inc. validates the upgrade process.

The upgraded, cloned staging environment is an active system and therefore connects as defined in the existing staging environment. Pegasystems Inc. creates a new subnet for the clone’s load-balancing configuration such that it can co-exist in the environment with the customer’s live staging environment.

The upgraded, cloned staging environment is supported in Pega Diagnostic Cloud and made available to the customer for a 30-day testing period. It will be viewable in the My Pega Cloud portal. For details, see My Pega Cloud customer self-service portal.

  1. The customer addresses any post-upgrade application issues. The customer verifies the application functionality by using their automated test suites on the upgraded, cloned staging environment.
  2. The customer consents to have Pegasystems Inc. upgrade all their respective live environments (development/staging/production) during the customer's preferred maintenance window.
  3. Pegasystems Inc. upgrades all the customer’s live environments to the latest Pega Platform and application software, including all declared, critical hot fixes. Pegasystems Inc. validates the upgrade process using a post-upgrade health check, and notifies the customer that the environments are upgraded and available for post-upgrade fixes. Pegasystems Inc. will strive to minimize the impact of the upgrade to your Pega Cloud application and its availability.
  4. The customer takes control of the live environments and applies required post-upgrade fixes discovered in step 3.
  5. After the customer completes verification testing on all live environments, the customer notifies Pegasystems Inc. that all the environments are healthy and the live environment upgrade is complete.
  6. Pegasystems Inc. deletes the upgraded, cloned staging environment and removes any unnecessary rules 30 days after the live production environment is upgraded.


Published August 24, 2018 — Updated March 20, 2019

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