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Pega Cloud Services File Storage

Pega Cloud Services File Storage is a file storage solution that is fully integrated with Pega Platform™ to support your Pega Cloud applications.

It is the default storage repository for your Pega Cloud Services application case attachments and Pega Cloud Services SFTP Service transactions.

Key benefits

  • Fully integrated beginning with Pega 7.3

    Pega Cloud File Storage is preconfigured to support your Pega Cloud applications. Disk space is preallocated with separate subfolders for each of your cloud environments (development, staging, and production). Default paths are preconfigured per environment, and security settings default to using the credentials and keys in your Pega cloud profile.

  • Cost effective cloud file storage

    Pega Cloud File Storage is a cost effective solution for storing archived cases, case attachments, Business Intelligence Exchange (BIX) data extracts, and data uploaded through the SFTP service. Pega Cloud production subscription customers receive their initial 500 GB of file storage free for use across all environments in the subscription. Pega Cloud production subscribers can purchase additional Pega Cloud File Storage in 500 GB increments. Pega Cloud File Storage costs significantly less than our cloud database storage and is priced well below many of our competitors.

  • No limits on file counts or total storage size

    By offering no limits on the number of files stored or total storage size, Pega Cloud File Storage can meet your growing business needs. Individual files can be as large as 5 TB.

  • Secure, private, and reliable solution

    Pega Cloud File Storage is highly reliable, private, and secure. Only your applications can access your storage space, and data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

  • The same support staff for both your application and your cloud file storage

    The Pega Cloud Support team provides expert support for Pega Platform, strategic application solutions, and Pega Cloud File Storage. This breadth of knowledge results in faster and more effective responses, which third party storage providers cannot match. Pega support services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Soft limits on storage space

    By providing soft limits on storage space, Pega Cloud File Storage gives you time to clean up your storage space or purchase additional storage, averting an out-of-space crisis.

  • Data retention policy

    Pegasystems, Inc. does not delete any data in your Pega Cloud File Storage repository until Pega decommissions an environment upon your request.

Accessing and managing files in your Pega Cloud Services File Storage repository

For Pega Cloud Services systems, the default storage repository is Pega Cloud Services File Storage, which appears as pegacloudfilestorage in the list of repositories in Records SysAdmin Repository .

You manage your files in a Pega Cloud File Storage repository by using the Repository API to interact with your files or configure a file listener to process your files. See the following information about managing and processing data files in a Pega Cloud File Storage repository:

Pega Cloud Services does not support direct access to files in a Pega Cloud File Storage repository, including using a file connector to point your Pega application to your repository.

For more information about Pega Cloud File Storage, contact your sales representative.

Recovering deleted case attachments in your Pega Cloud Services File Storage repository

Files in Pega Cloud Services File Storage undergo versioning for disaster recovery. Pega Cloud Services can restore case attachments deleted by clients for a 30-day period, after which clients can no longer recover the file.

Clients can recover deleted case attachments within the 30-day window by filing a service request with Pega Cloud Services support. The service request must contain the name of the file and the dates of when the file was present on the client Pega Cloud Services File Storage repository.

After Pega Cloud Services completes the service request, clients can find their recovered files in the pegacloudfilestorage/attachments folder repository.

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