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Testing Next-Best-Action configuration with audience simulations


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You can improve the performance of your Next-Best-Action Strategy by testing the configuration of engagement policies against simulated audiences. In this way, you can check how many potential actions are filtered out by each component of the policy, and discover if a particular criterion is too broad or too narrow for your requirements.

  1. On the Engagement policy tab, click the name of any group, or click All groups to run the simulation for all issues and groups in your business structure.

  2. Click Actions Audience simulation .

  3. In the Audience simulation section, select or create a simulation with which you want to test the proposition filter:

    • To use an existing simulation, select the simulation in the Simulation list.
    • To create a new simulation, click Create simulation, and then select the audience to use for the simulation.
  4. After the simulation test finishes, analyze the results to see what percentage of the audience would receive each action according to the current engagement policies.

    For each customer context in your application, the simulation drills down to individual components of the engagement policy. The results show numerical or percentage values that indicate the population of the selected audience that receives the proposition based on the current criteria. For example, if the result for a criterion that checks if the proposition is active returns 100.00%, the condition did not filter out any audience members.

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