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Accessing a customer's interaction history with the CustomerOfferHistory service

Call the CustomerOfferHistory REST service to retrieve the Interaction History records for a customer. You can create the service request using the POST and GET methods.

Service URL


Request parameters

For the POST request, the service expects a JSON object with the following attributes:

  • CustomerID - The customer identifier.


Service response

For the response, the service returns a JSON object with the following attributes:

  • OfferHistory - An array of Interaction History records for the customer. Each record has the following attributes:
    • Name - Name of the action
    • Issue - Issue to which the action belongs
    • Group - Group to which the action belongs
    • Channel - Channel where this action was communicated
    • Direction - Direction of communication for this action
    • InteractionID - Interaction History record identifier for this action
    • ExternalID - Associated work object identifier
    • OutcomeTime - Time when the outcome was captured
    • Outcome - Response recorded for this action, for example, Accepted, Rejected, Impression
    • Behaviour - Behavior of the specified outcome, for example, Positive, Negative, Neutral
    • Identifier - Identifier for the action
    • For Negotiation history records, the response also contains an array of action names related to the negotiation.

Sample response

"OfferHistory": [
"Name": "Negotiation",
"Issue": "Negotiation",
"Channel": "CallCenter",
"InteractionID": "7382338912749122452",
"ExternalID": "S-13805",
"OutcomeTime": "20160225T125501.526 GMT",
"Behaviour": "Negative",
"OfferHistory": [
{ "Name": "Handsets_fromGoogleNexus4" },
{ "Name": "DataPlan100Min" },
{ "Name": "MemoryCard_V2_M3" }
"Outcome": "Rejected",
"Identifier": "/Negotiation/Negotiation/Negotiation",
"Direction": "Inbound",
"Group": "Negotiation"
"Name": "MI",
"Issue": "Sales",
"Channel": "CallCenter",
"InteractionID": "-7714067498846096636",
"ExternalID": "",
"OutcomeTime": "20160224T101058.055 GMT",
"Behaviour": "Positive",
"Outcome": "Accepted",
"Identifier": "/Sales/Handsets/MI",
"Direction": "Inbound",
"Group": "Handsets"

Response codes

  • 200 - Successful invocation
  • 400 - Bad request
  • 500 - Internal error
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