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Upgrading the Next-Best-Action Designer

In Pega Marketing™, Next-Best-Action provides automated decisions based on predictive analytics, adaptive analytics, and traditional business rules. With the Next-Best-Action Designer, you can define Next-Best-Action decisions and requirements which apply to the whole organization, or to specific business issues or groups.

Pega Marketing 8.3 introduced the new Next-Best-Action Designer version 2. If you previously defined Next-Best-Action using version 1 of Next-Best-Action Designer, you can continue to use the legacy configuration. However, to benefit from the new features, update your Next-Best-Action configuration as described below.

If you never implemented the Next-Best-Action Designer configuration in Pega Marketing 8.2 or earlier, open and save your Context Dictionary page after the upgrade to ensure that the Next-Best-Action Designer is accessible. For more information, see "Re-saving the Context Dictionary configuration" in the Pega Marketing Upgrade Guide on the Pega Marketing product page.
Before you upgrade the Next-Best-Action Designer in a production environment, first perform the upgrade in a sandbox environment and review the performance of your strategies to ensure that they continue to give the expected results. After the Next-Best-Action Designer is upgraded to version 2, it cannot be downgraded back to version 1.

To upgrade the Next-Best-Action Designer:

  1. Suspend any outbound schedules defined for the existing Next-Best-Action configuration defined in Next-Best-Action Designer version 1.
  2. Ensure that all Pega Marketing assets are checked in.
  3. Ensure that the ruleset and version used by your access group is unlocked, or create an unlocked version of the ruleset. By default, the ruleset used to store the configuration is Artifacts.
  4. In Dev Studio, click Records > SysAdmin > Dynamic System Settings.
  5. Click Create.
  6. Fill out the following information:
    • Short description - optionally, enter the description of this Dynamic System Setting, for example, Enables the upgrade of Next-Best-Action Designer to version 2.
    • Owning Ruleset - enter PegaMKT-Engine
    • Setting Purpose - enter MKTEnableNBADversion2Upgrade
  7. Click Create and open.
  8. Set the value of the setting to true.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Log off from Pega Marketing and then log back in.
  11. In App Studio or in the Pega Marketing portal, click Next-Best-Action > Designer. The Next-Best-Action Designer now shows the option to upgrade to version 2.
  12. Click Upgrade. The configuration of Next-Best-Action and its strategy framework is upgraded.
  13. If you do not plan to implement action treatments, introduced in Pega Marketing 8.2, deactivate Next-Best-Action treatment processing. This ensures that offers created before the upgrade function correctly. After you associate your offers with treatments, you can enable treatment processing again. For more information, see the Pega Marketing 8.3 User Guide on the Pega Marketing product page.
    1. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Next-Best-Action Designer.
    2. Set the Channel treatment processing toggle to OFF.
    3. Click Submit.

After upgrading Next-Best-Action Designer, review and test the upgraded strategies to ensure that they work with the new configuration. For more information about Next-Best-Action Designer version 2, see the Pega Marketing 8.3 User Guide on the Pega Marketing product page.

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