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List of performance and security alerts in Pega Platform

Pega Platform™ alerts are generated for performance and security issues. Performance alert messages are written to the performance alert log when performance-related issues or errors occur. Security alerts are generated in the security alert log when the security of a Pega Platform server is at risk.

The following tables list the performance and security alerts.

Performance alerts

Alert Category
PEGA0001 - HTTP interaction time exceeds limit Browser Time
PEGA0002 - Commit operation time exceeds limit DB Commit Time
PEGA0003 - Rollback operation time exceeds limit DB Rollback Time
PEGA0004 - Quantity of data received by database query exceeds limit DB Bytes Read
PEGA0005 - Query time exceeds limit DB Time
PEGA0006 - Update operation time exceeds limit DB Time
PEGA0007 - Database operation time exceeds limit DB Time
PEGA0008 - PegaRULES engine started PRPC Started
PEGA0009 - PegaRULES engine failed to start PRPC Failed Start
PEGA0010 - Agent processing disabled Agent Disabled
PEGA0011 - Total request time exceeds limit Service Total Time
PEGA0012 - Outbound mapping time exceeds limit Service Mapping Time
PEGA0013 - Activity interaction time exceeds limit Service Activity Time
PEGA0014 - Inbound mapping time exceeds limit Service Interaction Time
PEGA0015 - Data parsing time exceeds limit Service Parse Time
PEGA0016 - Cache reduced to target size Cache Reduced
PEGA0017 - Cache exceeds limit Cache Force Reduced
PEGA0018 - Number of PRThreads exceeds limit PRThreads Limit
PEGA0019 - Long-running requestor detected Long Requestor Time
PEGA0020 - Total connect interaction time exceeds limit Connect Total Time
PEGA0021 - Clipboard memory for declarative pages exceeds limit Declarative Page Memory
PEGA0022 - Rule cache has been disabled Rule Cache Disabled
PEGA0023 - Rule cache has been enabled Rule Cache Enabled
PEGA0024 - Time to load declarative network time exceeds limit Loading Declarative Network
PEGA0025 - Performing list with blob due to non-exposed columns Reading BLOB Need Columns
PEGA0026 - Time to connect to database exceeds limit Acquire DB Connection
PEGA0027 - Number of rows exceeds database list limit DB List Rows
PEGA0028 - GC cannot reclaim memory from memory pools Memory Pool Collection
PEGA0029 - HTML stream size exceeds limit HTML Stream Size
PEGA0030 - The number of requestors for the system exceeds limit Requestor Limit
PEGA0031 - Generated stream overwritten and not sent to client Stream Overwritten
PEGA0032 - Rule change invalidated the specified threshold of entries in the Rule Assembly cache Invalidated Rules
PEGA0033 - Database query length has exceeded a specified threshold DB Query Length
PEGA0034 - The number of declare indexes from a single interaction exceeds a threshold Declare Index
PEGA0035 - A Page List property has a number of elements that exceed a threshold Clipboard List Size
PEGA0036 - PegaRULES engine intentionally shut down PRPC Shutdown
PEGA0037 - Rule assembly time exceeded threshold Rule Assembly Time
PEGA0038 - The wait time for rule assembly cache access exceeds a threshold Cache Find Synch Time
PEGA0039 - The size of a BLOB column read exceeds a threshold BLOB Size Read
PEGA0040 - BLOB size written to the database exceeds a threshold BLOB Size Written
PEGA0041 - Work object written to the pr_other table Work Object PR_OTHER
PEGA0042 - Packaging of database query has exceeded operation time threshold DB Query
PEGA0043 - Queue waiting time is more than x for x times Asynchronous Declare Page
PEGA0044 - Reached threshold limit for message ID Throttle alert
PEGA0045 - A new request has been submitted for a page without using the existing one ADP Duplicate Request
PEGA0046 - Queue entry not yet started by the load activity ADP Queue Not Started
PEGA0047 - Page copy time is more than the loader activity execution time for the data page ADP Copy Too Long
PEGA0048 - Page copy time and waiting time are more than the loader activity execution time for the data page ADP Copy Wait Too Long
PEGA0049 - Search status check alert Search Status Check
PEGA0050 - Lightweight list has been copied n times. Lightweight List Copy
PEGA0052 - Wait time exceeded for the page ADP to load asynchronously ADP Load Wait Exceeded
PEGA0053 - Data page reload exceeded the frequency threshold Declare Page Load Frequency
PEGA0054 - Query exceeded the operation time threshold Elasticsearch Query
PEGA0055 - Clock drift exceeded the configured time threshold Hazelcast clock sync
PEGA0056 - Defragmentation of the table associated with class System-Locks takes too long Defragment PR_SYS_LOCKS
PEGA0058 - Interaction History read time above threshold DSM IH Read Time
PEGA0059 - Interaction History write time above threshold DSM IH Write Time
PEGA0060 - Number of Interaction History rows read above threshold DSM IH Read Row
PEGA0061 - Number of Interaction History rows written above threshold DSM IH Write Row
PEGA0062 - Data Flow execution time above threshold DSM Data Flow Time
PEGA0063 - Decision Strategy execution time above threshold DSM Strategy Time
PEGA0064 - Maximum number of rows processed by the strategy above threshold DSM Strategy Row
PEGA0065 - Adaptive Decision Manager set response time above threshold (include payload size) DSM Adaptive Response Time
PEGA0066 - Mobile App Data-Sync Failure Mobile
PEGA0067 - DSM social media dataset error DSM Text Analytics
PEGA0068 - DSM social media dataset warning DSM Text Analytics
PEGA0069 - Client page load time Browser Time
PEGA0070 - Adaptive Decision Manager has used 90% of the allocated memory DSM ADM Memory
PEGA0071 - Visual Business Director has used 90% of the allocated memory DSM VBD Memory
PEGA0072 - Data Flow run failed DSM Data Flow Failed
PEGA0073 - Data Flow throws an error DSM Data Flow Error
PEGA0074 - Decision Data Store write time above threshold DSM DDS Write Time
PEGA0075 - Decision Data Store read time above threshold in Pega 7.2.2 DSM DDS Read Time
PEGA0075 - Decision Data Store interaction time above threshold starting from Pega Platform 7.3 DSM DDS Interaction Time
PEGA0076 - Decision Strategy Manager service node is unreachable DSM CDH Node Abnormal
PEGA0077 - Data Flow assignment time above threshold DSM Data Flow Assignment Time
PEGA0078 - Number of records returned by the Compose shape is above threshold DSM Data Flow Compose Shape
PEGA0079 - Record size written by Decision Data Store above threshold DSM DDS Write Size
PEGA0080 - Record size read by Decision Data Store above threshold DSM DDS Read Size
PEGA0081 - Visual Business Director query time above threshold DSM VBD Query Time
PEGA0082 alert: Dataflow started / Dataflow resumed DSM Data Flow Started / Resumed
PEGA0083 alert: Dataflow completed, Dataflow paused, or Dataflow stopped DSM Data Flow Completed / Paused / Stopped
PEGA0084 - Search node count Elasticsearch indexing
PEGA0085 - Decision Data Store disk space below threshold DSM DDS Disk space
PEGA0086 - Requestor locked by a busy thread RequestorLock
PEGA0087 - Service SLA violation Service Failure Bypass
PEGA0088 - Client node unexpectedly disconnected from the cluster Cluster Client Disconnect
PEGA0089 - A node left the cluster Cluster Node Failed
PEGA0090 - Hazelcast partition was lost Cluster Segmentation
PEGA0091 - Data stored in one or more cluster caches is lost Cluster Data Lost
PEGA0092 - Number of servers in the cluster falls below the recommended settings Cluster Server Count
PEGA0093 - Distinct values query took more than the time threshold SelectValueQueryTime
PEGA0094 - Could not run query in optimal way Report ES Fallback
PEGA0097 - The number of requestors has exceeded the threshold for the cluster Requestor Custer Limit
PEGA0098 - Job scheduler failed to register for the next run Job Scheduler Register Fail
PEGA0099 - Job scheduler failed to complete successfully Job Scheduler Fail
PEGA0100 - Queue processor failed to register Queue Processor Register Fail
PEGA0101 - Queue processor failed due to a missing or failed Stream node Queue Processor Stream Node
PEGA0102 - Queue Processor delayed/scheduled message processing failed Queue Processor Schedule
PEGA0103 - Queue processor data flow has failed Queue Processor Data Flow
PEGA0104 - Background tasks have exceeded a threshold time when attempting to acquire a thread from a pool or executor Batch Thread Pool Wait
PEGA0105 - The number of interaction history summary predictors used by the adaptive model exceeds the threshold DSM ADM History Predictors
PEGA0106 - Conflicting queries in the PostgreSQL database system Conflicting queries detected
PEGA0107 - Client page load time for offline-enabled applications Browser Time
PEGA0109 - Total stream request time has exceeded the threshold of N ms Stream Total Time
PEGA0110 - Large data page not configured for efficient synchronization Mobile Large Data Page
PEGA0117 - Long-running queue processor activity Queue Processor Time
PEGA0118 - Long-running job scheduler activity Job Scheduler Time
PEGA0125 - Service registry heartbeat failed Stability
PEGA0126 - Service registry is entering safe mode Stability
PEGA0127 - Service registry recovered from safe mode Stability
PEGA0131 - Detected slow data flow component Stability
PEGA0129 - Tracer file limit reached Tracer file size
PEGA0132 alert - Time-out threshold exceeded for remote case type requests Remote case types time-out

Security alerts

Alert Category
SECU0001 - Unexpected properties received in HTTP request Security
SECU0002 - XML received in post data for web node requestor Security
SECU0003 - Attempt to execute a rule failed in web node environment Security
SECU0004 - Attempt to run a stream from URL failed in web node environment Security
SECU0005 - A Thread name in a URL contains invalid characters Security
SECU0006 - Attempt to attack a user session has been blocked Security
SECU0007 - A rule could not be executed because Rule Security Mode is in WARN or DENY and this rule was not implicitly allowed Security
SECU0008 - Cross-site forgery attack detected and blocked Security
SECU0009 - A browser reports a violation of your application's content security policy Security
SECU0010 - SQL functions that generate SQL sub-queries are not allowed on classes with access control policies Security
SECU0011 - Custom SQL in an RDB method must use class directives and not table names when Policy Condition rules have been defined to enforce row-level security when viewing instances Security
SECU0012 - Update access control policies cannot be enforced in SQL INSERT and MERGE statements Security
SECU0013 - Unauthorized access for user session termination API Security
SECU0014 - A node-level data page has been loaded referencing a class with access control policies in force Security
SECU0015 - Key Management Service keystore configuration is no longer valid Security
SECU0016 - Unauthorized access to the stream rule Security
SECU0017 - Invalid or missing browser fingerprint Security
SECU0018 - Java code injection pattern identified Security
SECU0019 - Unauthorized request detected Security

Robot Manager alerts

ROBO0001 - Robot has lost connectivity Robotic Automation
ROBO0002 - Robot has reached the failed assignment threshold Robotic Automation
ROBO0003 - Robotic assignment type is at of defined capacity Robotic Automation
ROBO0004 - Robot exceeded last expected automation time Robotic Automation
ROBO0005 - Robot began automation execution, but the automation was not completed Robotic Automation
ROBO0006 - Robotic assignment type contains an assignment that is approaching SLA deadline Robotic Automation
ROBO0007 - Robotic Assignment type contains an assignment that is past SLA deadline Robotic Automation
ROBO0008 - Robot Manager scheduling service is down Robotic Automation
ROBO0009 - Cannot execute the scheduled action as RPA service is down for robot(s) Robotic Automation
ROBO0010 - Robot is reaching the consecutive failed assignments threshold defined on its work group Robotic Automation
ROBO0011 - Robot is reaching the Not ready threshold Robotic Automation
ROBO0012 - An error occurred during an attempt to automatically archive/purge the Pega Robot Runtime data that caused the job to fail Robotic Automation
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