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Internet Explorer support in Robotic Automation

Pega Robotic Automation Studio includes support for interrogating and automating the 32-bit Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, versions 7 and later. This functionality is built into the web adapter.

Pega Robotic Automation Studio 7.1 also supports the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer. This support was added in build 7.1.63. Version 8.0 does not support Internet Explorer 11 64-bit on Windows 8.1 or Server 2012. For specific version information, see the Application Support Matrix.

Here are some additional points to consider.

  • When using versions 9-11 with Siebel, keep in mind that you must enable the Compatibility View feature in Internet Explorer. Compatibility View helps websites that are designed for earlier versions of Internet Explorer to display correctly. This can affect Pega Robotic Automation Studio matching. For more information on setting up Siebel, see Setting up Internet Explorer to use Siebel
  • If you are interrogating Internet Explorer 8 under Windows 7 SP1, keep in mind that applications running in Internet Explorer 8 spawn multiple processes. In Windows 7 SP1, set the HookChildProcesses property to True for the web adapter. For more information, see Interrogating a Windows application.
  • To handle embedded .NET applications, set the correct permissions. Otherwise, attempts to load the Pega Robotic Automation Studio .NET translator inside Internet Explorer either function incorrectly or cause Internet Explorer to crash or hang. To avoid this problem, the .NET translator is not loaded into Internet Explorer even when the .NET runtime is detected. This lets Robotic Autoomation Studio treat the controls inside of the .NET application as regular Window controls. For more information, see Configuring .NET permissions for .NET controls hosted in Internet Explorer.
  • Pega Robotic Automation does not support the TabProcGrowth registry entry. This setting is used to limit the number of tabs that Internet Explorer can open on a single process.
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